Sunday Exercise

I know it was just Thanksgiving and a ridiculous amount of people have asked you what you’re thankful for, but here’s a little bit of a different thank you list. Write a list from a different individual’s perspective. What would your neighbor be thankful for? What would your mother or father be thankful for? What would your 5 year old cousin be thankful for? Would you make it to their “thankful-for” list? You’re not the only one who wonders if your grandma is truly thankful when you come to stay with her (even when you blast the top 40 hits in her living room at 2 am). Like always, have fun!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Exercise

  1. Oh my that’s difficult.

    My neighbour would be thankful for a good harvest of grapes this year. Probably that he got to see his grandson a number of times. That his daughter just got her PhD and has a good paying job. That I raked all his leaves for him… I could probably keep going. It’s so strange to think of what other people would be thankful for…

    • This is a great idea for an exercise! Makes you think out of your own perspective and realize what other things people might be thankful for that you are not, giving you more reasons to be thankful for.

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